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From the low battery, a 19th century fort, occupied today by the nautical base, and right up to the Landemer, the fine sandy beach of Urville-Nacqueville stretches out over more than 3km.



It is visited every morning by horses, sail boats and sand yachts, whilst afternoons are mostly dedicated to holidaymakers, who can find here one of the best beaches on the coast, protected by a dune, or bordered by beautiful buildings from the 1900s, which made the reputation of the seaside resort at the time.



To the East, Cherbourg harbour (the biggest in the world) is seen from afar, whilst to the far West, just after the Landemer, the cliffs of the same name mark the start of the Sentier des Douaniers (Chemin de Grande Randonnée GR223). But in Urville-Nacqueville, there’s also Dur Ecu Manor, or the renaissance castle and its sublime park, as well as of course, the small village of Landemer, which alone justifies a visit, on the trail of Boris Vian or the Princess of Spain.

The Cotentin peninsula

 between land, sea, dunes, islands and swamps...

The Cotentin peninsula is ever surprising in its diversity of nature, so well-preserved. The Hague coastline starts in the West, with magnificent and immense beaches, facing the Channel Islands of Guernesey or Alderney, along to the famous tropical garden of Vauville.



The « Nez de Jobourg » points onwards to its cliffs, facing the Raz Blanchard Stream and gives over next to Goury lighthouse, to Port Racine, to Omonville, where the wooded Norman countryside leads down to the sea and where the giant hydrangea flowerbeds compete with the unexpected tropical species. Don’t forget to pay tribute to the house of Jacques Prévert before continuing a little further on in front of the Landemer.


A few more kilometres on, and Cherbourg marks the change of coastline. Here is the Saire Valley and its tall lighthouses, the medieval port of Barfleur, Saint Vaast la Hougue and the Isle of Tatihou. Let’s include the famous 11th and 16th century manors, the individual hotels of Valognes, the beaches of the Normandy Landings, the natural swamp park of the Cotentin, to name but these…

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